Rubber Lining

Rubber Lining

Rubber Lining

We are engaged in offering our client Rubber Lining, Quick Change Sleeve (Rubber Sleeve).Quick Change SleeveWe are engaged in manufacturing and exporting a quality range of Quick Change Sleeve. These are used in replacement of Conventional Rubber Roller and are used increasingly throughout the industry. Further, these are offered in various sizes and specifications as per the need of the application and can be bought at market leading prices from us.


  • Mother mandrel
  • FRP sleeve 1 .5 to 2 mm thick
  • Suitable Rubber Coating 3 to 25 mm thick
  • Steel mandrel for grinding the sleeve


  •  Solvent Less / Solvent Base Lamination
  •  Gravure Printing (Impression Sleeve)
  •  Flexo Graphic Printing (Steno Sleeve)
  •  Adhesive Coating
  •  ESA Printing (Electro Statically Assisted)


  • Inside diameter as required
  • Finish diameter upto 300 mm with Rubber Coating
  • Length of Quick Change Sleeve – upto 3000 mm


All conventional or speciality Rubber Coatings are available.


  • Unbelievably low time for change over of the sleeves. This sleeve system is cost effective, time effective and most essentially quality effective with consistency.
  • Bearings of the mother mandrel do not need to be removed, which gives better results with consistency.
  • Shorter procurement lead time is possible. As it happens in case of conventional rollers, no metal erosion while re-coating. Thus we prevent weakening of the metal shell.
  • Savings of transportation cost, due to feathery weight of sleeves. Due to low weight of coated sleeves it is possible to store vertically, which saves storage area and also Rubber surface preservation is better.



              –        Mandrels are made out of M.S. Seamless pipe with compressed Air inlet at one end.The dimensions and surface are made with high precision and care.

              –          Insert FRP sleeve from marked side, on to mandrel opposite to Air inlet side.

              –          Apply air pressure (maximum 15 bar) through the inlet.

              –          Give a gentle push to overhanging sleeve till it slides over and covers the mandrel completely.

              –       Procedure is similarly simple for removing the sleeve, one needs to pull the sleeve gentlyinstead of pushing, till complete sleeve comes out of the mandrel.

              –           All accessories manufactured in CGS (Metric) and FPS (Imperial) sizes.